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vScreen – a significant opportunity for insurance call centres?

Vizolution > Blog  > vScreen – a significant opportunity for insurance call centres?

vScreen – a significant opportunity for insurance call centres?

Could remote face-to-face represent a significant opportunity for insurance call centres?

At a recent CCMA event hosted by Ann-Marie Stagg, the General Insurance sector debated the potential benefits of exploring new technologies to enhance the customer experience. The event was attended by senior representatives from 15 leading UK insurers.

Ann-Marie Stagg, Chair of the CCMA,  led a discussion on how technology has the potential to enhance the call centre experience and make it a high-touch channel that engages with customers in the way they want and expect.

The group discussed using screen sharing to create a remote face-to-face customer experience as this approach was being adopted within the banking sector but had yet to be tested within the general insurance sector.

The group agreed that customers are buying two things, namely experiences and outcomes. The experiences customers want and expect should be ease, convenience and immediacy but it was thought that this is something the call centre currently struggles to deliver because of the often difficult customer journey caused by compliance requirements.


Ann-Marie Stagg said, “Customers are often buying insurance despite a poor customer journey, with multiple compulsory scripts being deployed through the conversation. With many insurers faced with complex legacy systems, technology solutions need to be easy to implement with limited integration to existing systems, or ….join the back of the queue for IT developments’

The group agreed that one of the hot topics within the insurance sector at the moment was ‘add-ons’ driven by recent focus from the regulator. The use of visuals coupled with electronic signatures was seen as augmenting the existing process to ensure that customers understood the features and benefits of each add-on in order to make a more informed decision.

Marcio Rodrigues, customer propositions director at Vizolution said, “This was a terrific event and one that we were very pleased to sponsor. The attendees all shared a passion for enhancing the customer experience and it was terrific to debate the challenges facing call centres. Regulation and compliance is such a crucial part of the remote sales process that the industry is rightly sharing knowledge and being proactive in identifying and implementing solutions.”