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Vizolution targets the Telecoms sector in 2015

Vizolution > News  > Vizolution targets the Telecoms sector in 2015

Vizolution targets the Telecoms sector in 2015

Vizolution is launching its award winning screen sharing solution vScreen into the telecoms sector as the next growth phase for the company. The telecoms sector is highly competitive with firms facing pressure to deliver an exceptional level of customer service within a heavily regulated environment. Mobile phone providers are regulated by Ofcom and the Financial Conduct Authority for financial products such as phone insurance.

Vizolution has been studying the telecoms sector for some time and recognises close parallels with the financial services market where they are working with 4 of the top 5 UK banks and 2 of the top 5 UK insurance providers. Both industries are highly regulated and have the challenge of explaining complex issues to customers over the phone and are focused on improving customer satisfaction.

One of the main challenges facing the sector is how to explain complex information such as billing, plans and handset options as there are myriad options available to customers. Vizolution states that in telecoms, like they have witnessed in financial services, the addition of visuals can help firms create greater customer engagement and satisfaction.

Bill Safran, CEO of Vizolution said, “In a very competitive market there’s a real opportunity for telecommunication providers to differentiate their contact centre service and provide an effortless customer experience.

“The Ombudsman has reported that a quarter of complaints in the telecom sector are related to billing and charges and this is an area where the addition of visuals to a customer call has delivered strong results in other industries. Providers often have complementary products such as broadband and landline services but explaining how these can be combined and priced can be very complex.

“vScreen provides agents with a visual script to use with customers ensuring that the process is compliant and guarantees that the correct information is provided to the customer at the right time, every time. This can help in a number of customer interactions whether it is helping set up a new phone or even streamline the process for reporting a phone that has been lost or stolen. Telecoms is one of the exciting new areas we will be targeting in 2015.”