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Vizolution launches new secure, omni-channel document solution for Financial Services

Vizolution > News  > Vizolution launches new secure, omni-channel document solution for Financial Services

Vizolution launches new secure, omni-channel document solution for Financial Services

vDocVizolution has today launched vDoc, an innovative, omni-channel customer portal that allows customers to securely sign, download and upload documentation.  vDoc has been designed for the particular needs of the Financial Services sector with a strong focus on security and compliance.

For many sales and service interactions, whether on the phone, online or in branch, the process breaks when the customer does not have the required documentation to hand.  The broken customer journey results in a drop in conversion rates as customers are forced to jump through hoops to re-enter the process.  vDoc solves this issue by providing a secure customer portal where documents can be uploaded, downloaded and signed at the customer’s convenience.

vDoc is fully integrated with Vizolution’s vScreen telephony solution and is omni-channel which means a customer can begin their journey in any channel (branch, telephony, web) and continue through any other channel.  Furthermore, the customer can access vDoc through any device including mobile phone, PC, tablet etc.

vDoc has integrated workflow functionality to manage customer cases which automatically sends periodic customised email and SMS prompts to customers to maximise customer completions.

The benefit for customers is that it removes breaks and blockers from their journey, streamlining the application and fulfilment process.

The benefit for Financial Services companies is that it reduces customer attrition, reduces transaction times, reduces cost of manual processes, frees up telephony agents, and reduces the cost of chasing customers while dramatically improving customer experience.

Bill Safran, CEO said, “Many financial services processes are broken and force customers to jump through hoops just to complete basic things like opening accounts, applying for loans and completing “know your customer” requirements.  As a result many customers simply don’t make it through the process.

vDoc has been designed to eliminate these breaks and provides the customer with a simple and secure way to complete the process at their convenience. vDoc provides a great opportunity for these major financial services companies to improve customer experience while improving conversion rates and reducing costs.”