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Vizolution…bridging the gaps in your digital channels.


Vizolution provides a suite of solutions that create digital bridges between channels to create seamless customer journeys.


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Why choose Vizolution?

Vizolution allows your customers to interact with your business and digitally send, receive, sign documents in real time. That means they’re not bogged down by paper, post, or personal visits – and can instead enjoy the quality of a face-to-face meeting, with the convenience, cost efficiency and compliance of a streamlined digital process.

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vScreen is an industrial-strength screen sharing solution that allows agents to do everything they can in a face–to-face meeting – including showing, sharing and electronically signing documents.



vDoc is a secure portal that allows customers to securely sign, download, and upload documents at their convenience using any browser, on any device.



vChat delivers an advanced web chat, enhancing a standard web conversation with images, electronic signatures, calculators and the ability to send and receive documents instantly.



vVid is an advanced video and telephony solution that is fully integrated with vScreen, allowing customers to both see and speak with a remote agent, enhancing their interaction.


"customers appreciate the speed at which business can now be done"

Using vScreen customers are able to see the same documents as the consultant which provides real clarity.  We’ve had great feedback from customers who appreciate the speed at which business can be done and the convenience, including not having to tidy the house ahead of a face-to-face appointment!

Samantha Porter Group Sales & Marketing Director - Wesleyan

"helps our intermediaries engage with our new proposition"

Our account managers have been delighted to have a screen sharing capability like vScreen to help our intermediaries engage with our new proposition.

Stephen Lowe Group Communications Director - Just Retirement

"dramatically improved our customer experience"

vScreen has dramatically improved our customer experience by making the sales process more visually engaging and eliminating breaks and time delays that hamper the non-vScreen sales process.  The bottom line is that the customer gets what they want easier and faster.

Glenn Lindsay Director, Personal Segments, Santander


Financial Services

Used by 4 of the top 5 UK lenders we digitally bridge breaks in the customer telephony journey. Currently being used in mortgages, secured loans, credit cards, account opening, business banking etc.


Used by 2 of top 5 UK insurance companies. Currently being used for Term, GI Payment protection, Motor, CI, Health etc.


Ofgem has levied over £100m in fines to the Energy sector. The core issue is how the industry engages with customers in a way that treats them fairly. We offer Energy companies help by providing agents with a visual script to use with customers ensuring that the process is compliant.


On-boarding, insurance, customer service and retention, our solutions make the customer journey more efficient and engaging when agents are explaining new products to customers.