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vVid is an innovative Video and Telephony solution that can be fully integrated with vScreen.

The combined solution allows a customer to both see and speak with a remote agent who can display key information, explain complex information using images and even share documents.

What makes vVid different?

  • Easy to deploy and most effective as an add-on to vScreen
  • SaaS, low-cost, minimal disruption with low or no change to IT infrastructure
  • No download required and no costly proprietary hardware/software requirements
  • Omni-channel, linking branch, telephony and web systems seamlessly
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Web Realtime Communications (WebRTC) enabled
  • Can be customised to be a one-way or two-way video solution
  • Fully integrated into vScreen
  • Contains all of the functionality of vScreen, including the ability to show images, documents, calculators, electronic signatures, full archive
  • Like vScreen, includes high levels of compliance options.

vVid Data Sheet

Download a pdf below: