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vScreen is a digital customer engagement solution that allows advisers to provide the benefits of a face to face meeting remotely.

One of the key benefits of vScreen is the simplicity of the system and the ease with which intermediaries can enter a vScreen session.


There is no need to download any software as vScreen operates over a browser. All that is needed is access to the internet from any device, whether a PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone.


vScreen’s unique technology is designed to eliminate all issues with firewalls, pop-up blockers, downloads and other computer settings. This ensures that a vScreen session works first time, every time.

What makes vScreen different?

  • Unique design ensures vScreen works first time, every time for all customers
  • Proven success in improving sales conversion, customer satisfaction and compliance
  • Easy deployment in large call centres – get up and running with minimum IT resource
  • Used by four of the top five UK lenders and two of the top five insurers
  • Designed for an enterprise call centre environment
  • Nothing for sales person or customers to download or install
  • Universal – works on all platforms, devices and with all browsers
  • Robust security and compliance options

vScreen Data Sheet

Download a pdf below:

vScreen Advantages

Download a pdf below:


Santander implemented vScreen for their credit card sales. The results were as follows…

Sales Increase +45%

Customer Satisfaction 97%

“vScreen has dramatically improved our customer experience by making the sales process more visually engaging and eliminating breaks and time delays that hamper the non-vScreen sales process. The bottom line is that the customer gets what they want easier and faster.”
 Glenn Lindsay, Director, Personal Segments, Santander