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vDoc is an unassisted document sharing solution that allows customers to seamlessly progress their own customer journey through the upload, download or electronic signature of documents via a secure customer portal.


Customers can access vDoc using any browser on their PC, tablet or mobile device. Using a password, customers can log into their own secure personal portal that allows them to upload, download and electronically sign documents at their own convenience. Automated work flows manage the customer journey, so that documents are uploaded and signed in the correct order and the customer is notified of any outstanding actions or updates by email and SMS.


vDoc can be integrated with electronic identity providers like Experian or Equifax, so customers do not have to go into branch for identity verification. vDoc improves customer experience rating, as well as significantly reducing the costs and time taken to process applications. vDoc guarantees compliance and our clients frequently see an increase in conversion rates of over 20% and RoI within 3-4 months.

vDoc at a glance

vDoc assists with customer experience management.

  • Send and collect documentation digitally and gather electronic signatures.
  • Automated workflow functionality with SMS and email reminders.
  • SaaS functionality – Easy to implement, without requirement for integration or significant IT resource.
  • Robust security and compliance, with full audit and archive functionality.
  • Device and browser neutral.
  • Integrates with electronic identity providers.

vDoc Product Sheet

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