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vChat is a smart web chat solution that enables an agent to replicate a
face-to-face interaction remotely, including sending and receiving documents, displaying images, and collecting electronic signatures.


vChat opens as a pop-up window when a customer clicks on the vChat icon on the website. Both the agent and the customer can engage in a one-on-one dialogue, as well as show, share and electronically sign documents within the session. This functionality enhances a standard web-chat facility and improves the web-agent’s ability to assist with more complex customer queries.


vChat is browser and device neutral, meaning it works on all mobile devices, tablets and computers. vChat conversations take place within a secure 128-bit encrypted environment, with full audit and archive facilities, so compliance can be guaranteed. vChat ensures the highest level of customer service, improves first call resolution and conversion rates, and reduces handling time, all through a low-cost channel.

vChat at a glance

vChat assists with customer experience management.

  • Send and collect documentation digitally and gather electronic signatures.
  • SaaS functionality. Easy to implement, without requirement for integration or significant IT resource.
  • Robust security and compliance, with full audit and archive functionality.
  • Device and browser neutral.
  • Omni-channel functionality. Fully integrated into vScreen and vDoc.

vChat Product Sheet

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