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Streamlining complex customer journeys

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Customer journeys today are often complex, spanning across multiple channels and touchpoints. Across sectors, stalling points are often caused by complex products, compliance obligations or sending documents in the mail. For too many customers, this results in a poor experience and either lengthens or stops their journey entirely. For businesses, this often means inefficient sales processes, increased costs and lower conversion rates.
Vizolution streamlines complex customer journeys by eliminating the stalling and break points in the journey. Our omni-channel suite of customer engagement solutions seamlessly blends traditional and digital channels and offer customers the quality of a face-to-face meeting with the convenience and low cost of a remote interaction.
Using our products, customers can digitally send, receive and sign documents on a real-time basis. This means customers can complete journeys without being forced to use paper, post or personal visits.
Our products are SaaS based, which means a customer experience transformation can take place within a matter of weeks rather than months or years. Our solutions are platform, device and browser neutral. No downloads are required and there are no problems with firewalls, meaning they work first time every time.

vScreen is an advanced visual telephony solution that allows an agent to replicate a face-to-face meeting by sharing documents, displaying information, and collecting electronic signatures via a secure screen-sharing session.


vDoc is an unassisted document sharing solution that allows customers to progress their own journey through the upload, download or electronic signature of documents via a secure customer portal.


vChat is a smart web chat solution that enables agents to replicate a face-to-face environment by sending and receiving documents, collecting electronic signatures and providing customer quotes.


vVid is an advanced video and telephony solution that transforms customer journeys in branch, store or at home by allowing agents to both see and speak to the customer, as well as send documents and collect electronic signatures.

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