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Digitising the Call Centre to improve sales conversions by over 20%

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Digitising the Call Centre to improve sales conversions by over 20%

Marcio image for blogAuthor: Marcio Rodrigues, Customer Proposition Director, Vizolution. Follow  @MarcioOnTW 

Call centres are lagging behind other digital channels. Call (almost) any call centre today and your experience is likely to be the same. You are forced through the IVR menu before finally reaching a human to interact via voice and that’s it. I’ve talked about call centres running blind in a blog before.

Digitising your call centre processes is not about investing in new channels, it’s about augmenting your people and existing infrastructure to engage with customers in the way they expect. This expectation is now a digital experience that is visual, easy, convenient and immediate.

A recent McKinsey & Company article – Digitizing the consumer decision journey – shows the failure to optimise digital channels results in significant underperformance i.e. a 45% leakage rate in the call centre.

McKinsey & Company


















Our experience of working with a range of clients bears out the statistics above and across numerous industries. Our feedback suggests that call centres are losing between 20%-40% in drop off rates and, although the exact number varies by industry and product, the underling reasons for the leakage are very much the same:


– Not being able to complete a transaction on one call. (Muti-stage process handled by different people and departments )

– Stopping the sales process to post documents and gather signatures.


– The products and or service complexity (the customer needs to go away and think about it first…)

Most problems are related to communication and distribution, how you optimise both in your call centre makes all the difference.  Below are some results when our clients used vScreen to add a visual interface to improve the customer journey, reduce leakage and improve sales conversions.

viz chart

























Please CLICK HERE view our demonstration video to see how vScreen can add a visual interface for your call centre: