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Our leadership team has a wealth of experience in delivering cutting-edge business solutions. Vizolution was founded by Bill Safran and Huw Rees, who have brought together a highly passionate team that quickly recognised its potential for success.

Originally aimed at banks and insurance companies, Vizolution launched its first product, vScreen, in 2013 after three years of development. It was piloted at five of the largest UK banks and insurance providers in the UK.


During the pilot, vScreen was proven to improve sales by over 20% by creating greater customer engagement through visuals, slides, calculators and illustrations.


vScreen’s electronic signature and secure document delivery functions eliminated breaks in the process, streamlining it even further.


Since this time, the company has grown rapidly, developing new products and expanding into new sectors both in the UK and internationally.

Bill Safran

Chief Executive Officer

Bill has over 12 years’ experience in managing a software business in the financial services sector. He was CEO of Trigold, a leading provider of mortgage sourcing, compliance and electronic transactions software to the UK mortgage market.

You can find out more information
about Bill on LinkedIn.

Huw Rees

Chief Technical Officer

Huw is the brains behind the vScreen technology. He has over 15 years’ experience in developing software and has been focused on the financial service sector and screen sharing technology.

You can find out more information
about Huw on LinkedIn.

Peter Nicol

Executive Director – Sales

Peter has over 20 years’ experience in sales leadership and executive positions within the enterprise software, financial services, unified communications and telecoms industries.

You can find out more information
about Peter on LinkedIn.

Grethe Vaughan

Chief Operating Officer

With more than 25 years’ experience across operations roles within technology providers, Grethe brings a wealth of expertise to her role of COO to provide an operational foundation for the future rapid growth of Vizolution.

You can find out more information
about Grethe on LinkedIn.

Peter Rooken-Smith

 Finance Director

With over 20 years international commercial experience, mainly in the tech sector from VC start-ups to larger listed enterprises, Peter brings a vast amount of experience to his role as Finance Director.

You can find out more information
about Peter on LinkedIn.

Toni Kemp

 HR Director

A strategic thinker and leader engaging the Board, CEO, Directors, Managers, Staff and Stakeholders in all aspects of organisational and transformational change, Toni has taken the up the role of HR Director to implement a full HR function to support and safeguard the business and its people.

You can find out more information
about Toni on LinkedIn.

Scanes Bentley

Non-Executive Chairman

Scanes is a highly networked and growth-focused senior executive with over 30 years’ experience in the global contact centre BPO and management consulting industries.

You can find out more information
about Scanes on LinkedIn.

Gayle Lacey

Non-Executive Director

Gayle Lacey has been with the HSBC Group for the last 14 years; working in the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Latin America, Vietnam and Hong Kong.  Based in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Gayle is currently the UK Chief Operating Officer for Commercial Banking.

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about Gayle on LinkedIn.


Phil Barnes

 Investment Executive at Finance Wales

As an investment executive in Finance Wales’ technology venture investments team, Phil focuses on investing in IP-rich, technology-backed businesses.

You can find out more information
about Phil on LinkedIn.