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Our solutions are being used by firms across a range of industries. Whether a customer is purchasing a financial product or a new phone handset, there are shared challenges in delivering an exceptional customer experience.


The financial services industry is undergoing major changes. Digital technology has shifted the behaviour and expectations of consumers, so businesses need to ensure the customer experience is as seamless as possible. More and more consumers expect personalised and relevant experience across all channels, including mobile and social media engagement.

With increased regulatory pressures, combined with the need to keep costs down, the industry needs to find new ways to interact with its customers in an omni-channel environment, where customers can benefit from self-service and the ability to interact on any device at anytime.

Where can Vizolution help?

  • Mortgages
  • Savings and investments – annuity, stock brokerage, fund management
  • Loans

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Insurance companies face several different challenges – instability in financial markers, low interest rates, tougher regulations and higher acquisition costs. To make the most of the customer opportunities offered by longer life expectancy, the sector needs to use digital technology to create a positive customer journey.

Where Vizolution can help:

  • Term
  • General
  • Payment Protection
  • Motor
  • Critical Illness
  • Health
  • Commercial
  • Directors & Officers
  • Professional Indemnity


The energy sector, dominated by the ‘big six’ firms, has undergone a sustained period of turbulence. There have been accusations of misleading customers and failing to deliver value for money. Consequently, energy suppliers are in the process of reviewing their customer journeys. Customer satisfaction measures such as Net Promoter Scores are a crucial element in charting their improvement. It’s impossible to run an efficient business with continued negative scores, so there’s a real need to enhance that customer experience across all channels.

How can Vizolution help?

  • Complaint Handling
  • Compliance
  • Explaining complex information

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The telecommunications industry operates both directly with consumers and also plays an important role in the delivery of customer service across other sectors. From retailers to financial services, firms depend on telecommunications networks to provide customers with compelling online and mobile experiences designed to capture their interest and keep them coming back.

Yet the industry’s efforts to transform the way it interacts with consumers have struggled to deliver, and this needs to be addressed. Consumers are rapidly learning the value of digital through their experiences in other industries and now expect the same from their telecom operators.

How can Vizolution help?

  • On-boarding
  • Customer Service
  • Retention

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