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A picture is worth a thousand words

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Vizolution’s mission is to take this adage to the forefront of customer interactions and create the next generation face to face experiences, by enabling people to communicate with people in the most effective way, wherever they are – living room, garden or toilet (Uck!) (75% of mobile users use their phone in the toilet!)

Our clients face the very real problem of either serving customers in a high cost/high service approach (face to face) or low service/low cost approach (internet, call centre). We want our clients to engage their customers in a low-cost/high service approach by providing them with remote face to face tools. Our solution, vScreen, allows a telephony agent to engage with a customer using slides, images, calculators, documents etc all across a secure connection on the internet. vScreen can also completely handle fulfillment by providing electronic signatures; secure file delivery and retrieval etc.

The bottom line is that a telephony agent can genuinely provide all of the benefits of a face to face experience.

Customers are now visually connected via Smart Phones (There are more Smart Phones than Toothbrushes ), Tablets, PC’s, Smart TV’s etc. but the call centre is currently under an invisibility cloak, serving customer via voice or text.

This is the same as going to Buckingham Palace, visiting the Grand Canyon or watching David Attenborough’s Planet Earth blind folded. Yes, someone can describe it to you but you can only really fully “understand” it when you see it. Seeing is, believing!

If you are selling products and services that customers can’t experience for themselves, you should at least be able to show it to customers as well as answer their questions in a way that is convenient and fun. For simple transactions your website and App (if well designed) should do the trick, but as products and services get more and more complex and or you have a large number of options available, customers need to ask questions.

This is where Vizolution fits in. We created a shop window for call centres. This enables your people to visually engage customers in real-time wherever they are.

If you are (like most firms) currently working through your customer-centric digital transformation plan, you should include a bridge between your digital self-serve and traditional channels. This will ensure the delivery of consistent experiences. The last thing you want is for the customer to go to a competitor because they make it easier to buy from them. This means having the same capabilities available to customers via your website/app etc. and telephony channel.

To see the benefits that Santander received using vScreen please click here


Author: Marcio Rodrigues, @MarcioOnTW

This was kindly included in the following post from Ian Golding: